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Don’t let your Ewoks get into the Boo-tini

Their little metabolisms can’t handle it, as you can see. (It makes them hump the dirt. Eeeeeek.)

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Wankers of the Week: Happy Halloweenie edition

Is that “tongue” for real? I dunno. But a lot of real fapping was going on this past week, and it sure as hell was scary, because the fappers are all flat-liners. Here they come, in no particular order…1. Dana … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: So, about that “good left/bad left” thing…

…I’m sorry, what were you saying again, O ye chumps of the bizmedia and State Dept.?Looks to me like Chavecito and Lula are on the same page. Duh, maybe that’s because they ARE? The latter was in Venezuela today, joining … Continue reading

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Stupid Sex Tricks: Halloween…the naughtiest day of the year

Whose costume is more ill-advised–the girl with the built-in groper……or Booby-Doo there in the background?

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Economics for Bunnies: A little cautionary ‘toon

Why the “incentive” system, also known as “carrot and stick”, doesn’t work–or at least, not quite as intended.(And also why you should never mistreat your worker bunnies!)

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The CIA is…WHAT?

From the Old Grey Whore of New York, a head-scratching opening to a story that I thought ought to have been open and shut long ago… Is the Central Intelligence Agency covering up some dark secret about the assassination of … Continue reading

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Uruguay: Lacalle loses, but…

Pedro Bordaberry, the OTHER right-wing bastard in Uruguay’s recent presidential campaign. Would you want this son of a dictator on your side, if you were going to a second round?Thanks to my friend Anthony, a.k.a. Malm? Blue, for alerting me … Continue reading

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FUX Snooze: Rachel Maddow spells it all out…

…loud and clear.

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Another day, another (political) death in Colombia

The body of another murdered Colombian leftist, outside his home. Still think Colombia is a model democracy? Then explain this to me… Jaime López Barros, leader of the Alternative Democratic Pole party in the Atlántico region of Colombia, was assassinated … Continue reading

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Yep, Goldilocks was a spy, all right…

…and leave it to Silverfox to suss Goldilocks out: The Bolivian vice-president, Alvaro García Linera, confirmed that the recent nomination of the former US ambassador to Bolivia, Philip Goldberg, as intelligence undersecretary in his country, is proof that his stay … Continue reading

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