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On vacation in an an undisclosed location

First…a little mood music, maestro…Ah. That’s nice. So, here’s the dish, kiddies…your aunt’s two babies, PowerBook 12 and PowerBook 15, are gonna be taking a little trip this aft. Never mind where, only keep in mind that when they come … Continue reading

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Manuel Zelaya: almost assassinated?

Could be. Here he is, beside his lightly-damaged car, inspecting two mysterious marks on the windshield:And now, the story: TEGUCIGALPA. Last Friday afternoon, two rocks or bullets hit the car in which the president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was riding. … Continue reading

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Music for a Sunday: Siddown, shuddup and CRANKIT!!!

Great song, great video, great hair.

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Wankers of the Week: Bizarro World edition

1. Joel Fucking Brinkley. Supposedly an award-winning journalist, but can he get a single word right when it comes to Venezuela? Fuck NO. All he does is repeat what every other stupid hack who can’t be bothered to research anything … Continue reading

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Quotable: Fern Hill on the false “middle ground” option

“I’m getting damned sick of all the triangulation and Third-Way hand-wringing bullshit over reducing abortion.“Or, looked at another way, we pro-choicers already occupy that middle ground. Most of us support all the measures that have been bruited about to reduce … Continue reading

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Well, it worked for Fidel…

“I pray to the Blessed St. Progress and the Sacred Free-Trade Agreement that the US and the official press will intercede for my horrible sins…”“Don’t worry, my chosen son, official history will absolve you!”

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Fetus Fetish round-up

Via Unrepentant Old Hippie, I found this tale of an anti-choice blog gone wild. Does anyone else find this passage fishy? Beushausen said she really did lose a son shortly after birth in 2005. She started her blog in March … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging Too: Evo in Paraguay

I don’t know what was said here, but it sure brought out Evo’s dimples:And look! Lugo’s all duded out in his cool shades!

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: Chavecito at Petrocaribe

The Big Guy arrives and, as usual, is mobbed by reporters. I’m too busy admiring his loud (but FABULOUS!) outfit to hear what he’s saying. (Which is undoubtedly loud but fabulous, too. Isn’t he always?)

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I’m just blown away by all the good words from great people who linked my Wankers of the Week post from last Saturday night. I was worried about posting it at all, fearing I’d get death threats and anonymous mouth-breathers … Continue reading

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