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Quotable: Amy Katz on the falsities of the “free” market

“The problem is not the issue of personal choice–it’s the doctrine of personal choice. We are constantly being told that change begins with us, that only we can solve our own problems, that we are the authors of our destinies. … Continue reading

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Remember all those stories about mysteriously dying honeybee populations? Looks like we’ve got the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder all figured out, kiddies. Or at least, one very unsurprising chief suspect: Germany has banned a family of pesticides that are … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: Che’s back!

And he’s twice as big as ever:Che would have turned 80 this year. That’s twice as old as he lived to be. So it makes sense that this statue, which will stand in his birthplace of Rosario, Argentina, is twice … Continue reading

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“Autonomous” fascism in Bolivia

Aporrea reports: Last Saturday, far-right groups attacked, punched and battered a group of peasants who had come to a stadium in the city of Sucre, where president Evo Morales was to deliver 50 ambulances and several thousand homes to local … Continue reading

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You can’t tell the truth–there’s a war on!

See, this is why I call CNN the Chicken Noodle Network: Anderson Cooper is shocked, SHOCKED to learn that his fellow CNNer, Jessica Yellin, who worked for a time at ABC, was pressured by network execs during her ABC days … Continue reading

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This is what I call a hearing

Generals Petraeus and Odierno were confirmed, but so was something else:…the spirit of brave women speaking out for peace. They got THEIR hearing, too.

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FARCing hell!

I mean really. What else is there to say to this? Laptop computers have become treasure troves of evidence for Colombian investigators probing crimes committed by far-right militias and leftist rebels.So many Colombians were dismayed to learn that prison authorities … Continue reading

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Quotable: Barry Nolan on the myth of free speech

“In today’s America, speech is only ‘free’ when you are talking down to someone less powerful that you. Speak ‘up’ — and look out.“In your work life, they can fire you, as I found out, for quietly saying something that … Continue reading

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Let’s hear the anti-Chavez screamers explain this

From Aporrea, a little tidbit but a revealing one: Against the editorial lines from Colombia and Venezuela that claim there is a “close” relationship between the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba, and the FARC rebels … Continue reading

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Dubya’s “populism”

This one’s just for Ed in Miami–as a gentle reminder of what populism isn’t.

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