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One year after Katrina…

…and what have we learned? Well, for starters, that the BushCo Imperial Preznitcy is rather reminiscent of the royal family of France–heedless of everything, right up to its date with La Guillotine:

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In case you’re wondering why no posts lately…

…I’ve had a little family emergency.Well, all right: NOT so little. My mom had a nasty fall a few days ago while cleaning the kitchen window. The Muskoka chair she was standing on to reach the top of it (it’s … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: LL Cool H

Okay, FLFB is a little belated this week, but better late than never!

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The end of the End of History

Neoconservatism’s ideological guru has some Kool-Aid he’d like to sell you. But be warned…there’s a lot of backwash in that there jug: Early on in Hugo Chavez’s political career, the Venezuelan president attacked my notion that liberal democracy together with … Continue reading

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So…who are the Hardcore Stupid?

Cheryl Seal of Democrats.com has identified 22 species of these scary humanoids… So who are these holdout Bush supporters? After pondering four years worth of my own interactions, pro-Bush postings at various webstes, and the comments of callers to rightwing … Continue reading

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Jimmy Hoffa, call your office…

…because Carlos Ortega is now a fugitive. AGAIN. A senior Venezuelan opposition leader has escaped from a military prison, the country’s attorney general has said. Carlos Ortega was sentenced to almost 16 years in jail last year after being convicted … Continue reading

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Cindy comes to Crawford…

…this time to stay:And she still has a question that SOMEONE doesn’t want to give an honest, straightforward answer to:Do you suppose she’ll get one this year? Next year? Year after that, maybe?In any event, she can now afford to … Continue reading

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A sad but unsurprising revelation

A great German author, outspokenly anti-Nazi, has something he’s long wanted to get off his chest. Let’s hear him out: Nobel Prize-winning German writer Guenther Grass, author of the great anti-Nazi novel The Tin Drum, has admitted serving in the … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: Hard Hat Hugo!

Looks like everything is a go for Venezuela, which is about to certify that it has the largest oil reserves in the world when the Orinoco heavy-crude region is factored in.And that’s not all: It also has at least 45% … Continue reading

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Sheikhs on a Plane!

And shakes on the ground! Oh NOES!!! President George W Bush has said a plot to bomb US-bound flights from the UK is a “stark reminder” that the US is still at war with Islamic extremists. Mr Bush said it … Continue reading

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